7 Things To Stop Wasting Your Money On

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October 2, 2018

We’re all totally guilty of spending our money on unnecessary items that only cost us a fortune in the long-run. The reason we do this is because of subconscious beliefs that if we own a certain objects or do certain ‘adult-like’ things then we consider ourselves to be more established.

Think of all the movies you’ve watched growing up, with a ‘successful’ man or woman always having an expensive glass of champagne in their hand or think of the perfect ‘American-dream’ home you’re always seeing on TV with the very latest in electronic gadgetry. Does this really establish you only if you own these unnecessary items?

Pop-culture has influenced us to believe that certain items we have or certain things we do from time to time, makes us better in a way which isn’t really true. Many industries realize this impact and that’s where your money comes in and you probably don’t realize where you’re wasting it until a few bad purchases later.

We’re not saying you should devote your life to staying home with the cats. We’re saying that you should stop spending money on things you probably think you need that justify your life but really don’t when you think about it. Here are 7 Things To Stop Wasting Your Money On:


1. F-O-M-O

As much as we can all say this one is totally ridiculous, the truth is, we’re all guilty of it in one way or another. Think of all the parties, events and places you’ve gone to just because you’re afraid of missing out on anything. Not only does this cost you money but also valuable time. Especially in the age of social media, many people, as ridiculous as this may sound, generally would choose to go out just because its a good opportunity to share it online. We all know someone who does this or it may even be yourself. To put things into perspective you know what’s important and what isn’t. That same money can be used for other things like car costs or contribute to future plans.

2. Travel

So many people just starting out feel the need to travel, especially in their 20’s. Is this the best time? When you’re in college? Most likely don’t yet have a secure job or still depend on your parents? Nope. At this point in your life you should be saving that money for things you will probably need soon like a car, rent, college fees or investing in something for the future so that once you’re out in the real world you’re able to fall back on something and not be caught up in debt. If you’re older on the other hand and also know that this is just another case of fomo then don’t.. do.. it.

3. New Cellphones

Cellphone upgrades are one of the most unnecessary things people spend on without even making at least two full years of use of their cellphones before upgrading to a new one. Most of the time these contracts come with hidden fees and tricks to them. If you don’t need a new phone and the one you’re using works perfectly fine right now then you don’t have to buy a new one just because “it’s new.”


4. Workout Equipment

Stop buying expensive gym equipment when you know you already have a gym membership that you barely even use. This only defeats the purpose of you committing to working out because your brain thinks its already done half the work. Buying new equipment today is completely unnecessary when there are tons of online workouts on YouTube for free, you can use a wall, chair, table – whatever your heart desires to workout with and not forgetting your own body weight which is extremely effective for at home and gym workouts. If you stick to a regime for at least a year then go ahead and think of investing in a piece of equipment. 99% of the time you won’t even need it if you’ve been truly consistent in working out.

5. Full Television Packages

Does anyone honestly need this anymore? These days nobody spends time watching TV because its always just some old repeats that are constantly being played on these packages. And besides, most of the time everything and anything we want to watch is found either on YouTube or Netflix. You can even stream almost anything online with just a WiFi connection which costs you way less and gives you way more.

6. Take Out

Learn how to cook at least five proper meals that are easy and always available to you in your kitchen. This helps in avoiding getting take-out most of the time because you already will have something in mind. You can also try meal prepping the weekend/night before to avoid spending on fast foods that only do damage to your health and waste your money.

7. Kitchen Gadgets

Stop wasting money on fancy blenders, smoothie makers and other kitchen gadgets that you know aren’t going to be of use to you. Instead, make a list over the course of a year on things that you think you need and see which items constantly come up at least five or more times then consider purchasing it.

Hopefully these 7 tips will help you to stop spending unnecessarily and start saving instead. Share this post with someone who you think it could help and let us know if you liked it on our socials linked down below.